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REVOLUTIONARY Low Altitude Aerial Photography SYSTEM

Flightpath Aerial Photography, Canada's leader in aviation based aerial photography introduces HYSHOTS Low Altitude Aerial Photography. Hyshots breath-taking low altitude photography shows off a property's location and features from a whole new perspective while giving an overview of its boundaries and surrounding area. Our elevated shots are captured using our unique mobile mast that hoists a remote-controlled camera up to 50 feet into the air. In addition to residential aerials, we can also photograph commercial sites, land developments, construction, golf courses plus many other applications.

Advertising - Agriculture - Construction - Development - Events - Environmental - Film and Video - Insurance - Landscape Design - Marinas - News - Planning - Real Estate - Roofing - Sporting Events - Surveillance - Surveys - Time Lapse Photography - Traffic - Roads - Water

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Commercial Real Estate

Aerials 101 - Low Oblique


Aerials 101 - High Oblique


Aerials 101 - Vertical